Southern offers GED

Cynthia Patrick

Classroom, teacher, in-class instructions and time consumption are no more, now technology offers more alternatives for the GED test.

The Missouri Southern division of lifelong learning is now offering high school students, home-schooled students and others an alternative of taking their General Education Diploma (GED).

This new alternative is an in-home GED preparation package that includes GED preparation, video taped courses, test books, online GED pre-test and information on paying the fee for the GED testing at Southern.

Dr. Jerry Williams, director of lifelong learning, said “the package has been developed in response to numerous requests from home-school parents and persons who weren’t able to complete their high school education experience for a variety of reasons.”

The GED package will be available to everybody who needs it.

“Our main goal is to assist anyone who is trying to further their education,” said Robin Douglas, instructional television division of lifelong learning. “These videos and workbooks allow the student to work at their own pace and on their own schedule.”

There is also the Adult Basic Education (ABE) programs offered in this part of the Missouri area that allows people to have the opportunity to take another test besides the GED.

“Although there are excellent ABE programs within our area,” Williams said, “there are people who cannot or choose not to attend in a traditional classroom setting.”

This is the problem the program is trying to overcome.

“What we are attempting to do is bring the classroom to the student and satisfy an educational need,” he said.

The materials used for the GED prep tests have come second-hand from many of the students in the Missouri area and numerous of other parts of the nation.

Williams said the responsibility for the GED preparation lies primarily upon the student because unlike the ABE experience, there is no in-class instruction.

He said self-Discipline is an important part of the program.

The total Southern GED package will be sold at $135 per student. The video tapes will need to be rented at a $20 refundable fee and those interested will need to send an additional $20 check to be mailed to the state of Missouri prior to the actual test.

For any questions and to register, contact Robin Douglas at 625-9887 or by e-mailing her at [email protected]