Southern art student believe artwork can be more than just visual

Jerome Doan, junior secondary education major, adds titles to his display at Dioko Coffee Co.

Jerome Doan, junior secondary education major, adds titles to his display at Dioko Coffee Co.

Parker Willis

For the next few weeks, one local coffeehouse is putting a Missouri Southern student’s art on display.

Dioko Coffee Company started an exhibit on Feb. 15 that will be on display for about a month. Jerome “Da One” Doan, junior secondary education major, said he wanted to display his art at Dioko because a lot of teenagers, kids and families go to Dioko. And he wanted them to see his art, hoping it might inspire someone.

“The Bible says don’t put your light under a bucket,” Doan said. “Let it shine because you never know what you can accomplish with what you have. Little kids these days need a good role model and they need lots of inspiration in today’s life.”

After starting school at Southern and not knowing what he wanted his major to be, Doan said he went into studying pharmaceutical sciences.

But later, he realized he has always wanted to help and teach people, he could do that through his art. Doan said he has been doodling since high school but never thought about doing anything with his art until he went to Southern.

“With the schools trying to take music and art away from education to put into other things, kids really need art in other places,” Doan said. “Art helps them think and imagine. And without art and music, we would be a boring society.”

These are all reasons Doan has decided to put his art on display.

He also said he likes to keep his art basic.

“I like my art simple,” he said. “I use a lot of black and white.”

This is the first time Doan has put his art on display, but he plans on having three other shows at Dioko later this year.

“This first one is just to show a little of bit of everything,” Doan said.

His first display is called “Intermissions”. His second show will be in spring and will incorporate more colors.

Then, he will have a display called “Faces of Summer” in August right before school starts, which will be portraits. And the last show will be at the end of October and will be all black and white.

Doan said the majority of his art on display is either from projects in art classes or presents he has given family and friends.

He had given one particular piece to his ex-girlfriend, Juli Tran, which has made it into the display.

Tran traveled from Oklahoma City to help Doan with his display.

She said she is excited about the exhibit and is happy to share her present with all those who see it.

Some of Doan’s pieces will be for sale.

For more information, call 529-5902. Or, visit Dioko Coffee House at 514 S. Main Street in Joplin.