Security Briefs

Vehicle Accident


11:35 a.m.

A vehicle was parked on the north side of Lot 3 when another vehicle made its way westbound on University Parkway while traffic was causing a congestion. The westbound vehicle struck the parked vehicle in the right, rear bumper causing damage to the driver’s side mirror and left panel.

The moving vehicle continued on, but the driver returned to the scene to contact the Department of Public Safety about the incident.

Found Item


11:00 p.m.

A DPS officer came into possession of a found purse. The officer checked the purse for a form of identification. When the officer found the information, he called the owner of the purse. The owner did not answer the call, and the purse was taken to the DPS office.

Safety Hazard


6:54 p.m.

While on patrol, a DPS officer noticed a dumpster had blown over. The dumpster was on a chain. Also, a metal trash barrel was moving through Lot 21. The wind was blowing it into several vehicles, and it hit the patrol vehicle twice. The officer was unable to replace the barrel or the dumpster for a few minutes because of the weather conditions. The officer later found the barrel and stood it back up upside down. The officer could not see the damage done to the vehicles.



2 a.m.

A student contacted the DPS office in reference to a theft in Stone Hall. An officer was dispatched to help the student. The student had been working the night before and was out late. When she returned, she found her room was locked. A metal hinge was missing from the door and the top of the door was bowed in. She found books tossed across the floor, blankets out of place and her snacks had been eaten. There was also money missing. The person who had entered the room also tried to make coffee. There were no other items known to be missing. There were no suspects at the time.