Stadium in need of facelift

Stadium in need of facelift

Stadium in need of facelift

The Board of Governors saw proposed plans for a new look to Hughes Stadium. The plans call for new seats, new boxes and plenty of extras.

Since 1983, the stadium has filled capacity seven times. The stadium holds 7,000 people and the record for attendance was 10,026 during the most recent Miner’s Bowl football game.

This is more than enough reason for finally bringing extra space to Missouri Southern fans.

In the past few years, the Board decided to begin the renovations, and it succeeded in starting the process. But, it soon fell flat. The process began once more with the Stadium Renovation Committee.

This was an excellent idea, pulling together the ideas from the community, alumni, faculty and staff. The committee also heard the voice of the Student Senate through the interaction of its president.

Now, the Board lies right on the edge of the full ordeal, needing to embark in one of the most influential endeavors to hit the campus in years.

The plans cannot be stuck in the review process for too long.

People will freeze, refuse to budge, and finally, the plans will ultimately fail.

The students need this stadium just as much as the community and alumni. If it doesn’t come during the college years of the upcoming freshman class, it is too late.

Southern needs a place to bring tradition back to life. Tradition is a slow process, but it begins with one solid step – one the current Board has every right to make.

The time is now to compromise, plan and look to the future for every student coming and going through this institution and every student wanting to watch football.

Lions fans deserve a stadium to be proud of. Let’s really give them something to cheer for.