Senate announces 2006-07 officers at annual picnic

Parker Willis

Senate ended its semester with a barbeque and new officers.

After holding officer elections earlier in the week, Adam Griffin, Senate advisor, stood up and announced the winners of the elections at the last meeting of the school year.

Three of the four officers elected were new and Kristen Duwe, Senate secretary, kept her position.

John Carr, new Senate president and staff writer for The Chart, stood up and gave an acceptance speech saying how he is looking forward to next year’s Senate and how he is proud of this year’s Senate.

“We’re on a good role as of now and I want to continue that,” Carr said.

Griffin also thought the Senate had done a good job over the last two semesters.

“This is the best attendance we’ve had in three or four years,” Griffin said. “I appreciate the work the body has done, we got a lot of things accomplished, we were smart with our finances and the officers did a great job.”

Griffin said after having a few off years, the Senate now seems to be moving in the right direction and with “our great new crop of officers” this trend should continue.

The other two new officers were Valerie German as vice president and Whitney Souza as treasurer.

“Winning was A-W-E-S-O-M-E, awesome,” German said. “I’m excited and I’d like to thank everyone who voted for me.”

She said this will give her a chance to be in charge of committees and help get things done because committees are where the majority of the business is accomplished.

Souza was also excited about her new position.

“I like being in control of thousands of dollars,” Souza said. “I wanted to make sure the decisions made about money spent next year in Senate are made wisely.”

Eric Norris, former Senate president, said he has confidence in the new class of officers.

“I couldn’t have picked them it any better myself,” Norris said.

Although Norris has handed over the reigns of president, it doesn’t mean his work is done. He still a few more meetings to attend. He said he would have a meeting later in the week with Dr. Terri Agee, vice president for business affairs, to discuss the campus projects he set in motion earlier in the semester.

He said the park benches are done and should be ordered next week and the new accessible parking spaces are still in progress. He said the parking report has been submitted and he’s waiting for a reaction from Agee as far as the van accessible spaces are concerned.

In total, there were more than 20 senators at the semester-ending cookout and between three new officers, two old officers and a remaining officer, there were five officers in attendance. Senate meetings will resume next fall.