Greeks need University aid

Greeks need University aid

Greeks need University aid

Greek life on Missouri Southern’s campus is dwindling to nothing, and it’s due to several reasons.

The first is the lack of involvement from students, but the second is the lack of support from the University in general.

When students complain about not having a greek life on campus, it is the same arguments over and over again. And, it’s time to stop. Greeks are not necessarily drunkards, idiots or the rowdy houses seen in the movies.

Southern’s Greeks try hard to participate in the community, give back to the University they so love, help others get involved and provide a fun atmosphere for students to enjoy learning in.

Every time an incoming freshman decides not to come to Southern because of the lack of a Greek life, it’s just another point in a statistic to say there’s something wrong.

Right now, there are four major Greek groups on campus – two fraternities and two sororities. A couple of these organizations are in jeopardy of losing their chapter status due to the lack of members. The average requirement for membership is 25 students to make a chapter. If this number is not met, the chapter is put on suspension, and then dropped if the numbers do not rise.

A fifth group, a fraternity, is also trying to gather numbers on campus. This shows there is an interest by a few to bring something new to campus and overcome the feeling of some freshmen and transfers that Greek life is dead in Joplin.

These organizations do rush students, but perhaps it’s time to sit down together and work as a whole to bring in students. Or, perhaps it’s time the administration asks the groups what is wanted of the University. However the problem is solved, it can’t be done by a lone group. It must be done together.