Students should want to get involved

Parker Willis - International Editor

Parker Willis – International Editor

Parker Willis

What’s wrong with our society?

We spend all day complaining about what others don’t do for us. But we’re too busy complaining to do anything for ourselves.

We complain about what our politicians don’t do for us, but most of us don’t even vote. We complain about what isn’t being taught to our children in schools but we underpay our teachers and understaff our schools.

We complain about how boring our campus is but we don’t get involved in what is going on at our own school. Not only do we not show up at the events, but we don’t help with the planning. The Campus Activities Board and Student Senate are run by students, but we can’t even get a full Student Senate because we don’t care enough to run for the seats available.

What’s going to happen when the students who didn’t run for the Senate get a chance to vote in November? Are we going to show up then?

Or are we going to complain about the candidates and their mud-slinging tactics, simply to use that as another excuse not to get involved?

Because as long as we don’t get involved we can always blame someone else when things go wrong.

This is no way to run a democracy. We should want to get involved. We should want to know what’s going on in our own government. We should want to be involved in what’s going on at our own campus. We should want to voice our opinions and make the changes that we think are necessary.

But I guess that’s too much to ask from a society that spends more time talking on Facebook than we do talking face to face. We spend more time online than we do in class.

And we wonder why those in charge don’t listen to us when we do speak up. Because they know as long as they don’t listen, then eventually we’ll stop talking.