Campus Security Reports

Injured Person9/21/06Soccer Fields

A DPS officer was called to University nurse’s office in reference to an injured student. A student had been injured playing intramural flag football. He had dislocated his left elbow. Metro Ambulance was called and transported the student to St. John’s Hospital.

Theft9/24/06Lot 07: Library

A DPS officer was helping close Spiva Library. At approximately 11 p.m., the officer returned to his vehicleto find a rain jacket and ticket book were missing. The doors had been locked, but the perpetrator may have gained access through a half-open window on the driver’s side of the vehicle.

Information9/25/06Lot 21: Residence Halls

A DPS officer observed a vehicle enter Lot 21 going the wrong way at an excessive speed. The officer asked the subject three times for identification without result. The subject entered Blaine Hall with a key. The vehicle had no parking permits on the windshield.

Automobile Accident9/22/06Lot 39

A vehicle backing up in Lot 39 struck an east-bound vehicle with its left rear bumper. The accident caused damage to the second vehicle on the side rear passenger door.