Sigma Pi cleans after football games

Alexandra Nicolas

Every Saturday night after a Missouri Southern home football game, Fred G. Hughes Stadium is littered with wrinkled programs, dirty forks and empty Coke bottles.

And every Sunday afternoon the brothers of Sigma Pi clean it up.

Ever since the emergence of the hit movie Animal House fraternal organizations have endured a reputation often considered less than flattering. However, the brothers of Sigma Pi fraternity, Eta-Mu chapter, are seeking to change that.

The brothers are responsible for a collection of service projects on campus as well as in the community through the national fraternity and on their own.

The ACE project, (Altruistic Campus Experience) is a national Sigma Pi project dedicated to civil service. The Southern chapter currently holds one of the top three spots in the nation for the second year in a row. The ’04-’05 project was a three-day event involving restoration of the sand volleyball courts, painting bridges and cleaning a warehouse for the athletic department.

“We’re a fraternity that likes to be productive on campus,” said Sigma Pi President/Sage Charbel Bichara.

The brotherhood also takes on other campus projects such as the weekly clean-up of the stadium. Bob Harrington, director of the physical plant, is one of many administrators who appreciate the work Sigma Pi is doing.

“Their on time and they work full force,” he said. “They’ve been a tremendous asset to me.”

However, for the amount of work Sigma Pi does the greatest recognition comes from within the group.

“[We do all this] knowing we’re only going to get a pat on the back. Not from the school, not from the professors, but from each other,” Bichara said. “That’s how I sleep at night.”

Off campus, the brotherhood takes part in volunteer work at the Ronald McDonald House. Sigma Pi is in the process of planning a charity kickball tournament with all proceeds going to the Ronald McDonald House.

However, for all the work the brotherhood takes on, they still must fight the reputation placed on fraternity members.

“Do you really think we have time to sit around and drink?” Bichara said. Though the group has “social mixers” with their out-of-town brothers from Drury University in Springfield, their main goals are scholarship, leadership, service and campus pride.

“We work hard at what we do,” said Vice President/Second Counselor Sean Grove.

The brothers also intend to participate in the beautification of the Mission Hills Mansion after the renovation is completed.

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