Senators work to enforce smoking laws

Parker Willis

Smokers may have to travel further to get their fix if Missouri Southern’s Student Senate gets its way.

Senate is working on a resolution that will support removing ashtrays from in front of the doors of several buildings on campus.

“We won’t literally be moving them. We’re just asking administration to enforce the laws already in place,” Senate President John Carr said.

Senate will have a resolution written up and will be voting on the project next week. Carr said he’s not sure where the ashtrays will be moved to but most likely they will be moved to the Oval where benches are already sitting.

Several Senators expressed concern for the non-smokers having to deal with cigarette smoke as they walk out of buildings. They believe since there are already signs saying ‘No Smoking within 50 feet of building,’ the resolution will be easily accepted.

The meeting was not lengthy, however, but Senate officers anticipate longer meetings further into the semester when more resolutions and appropriations will come up for vote.

Senate started its Oct. 4 meeting with $12,859.97 and allocated only $1,000 during the meeting.

Delta Epsilon Chi requested $1,000 for an upcoming trip to New York, where 12 members will attend a National Leadership Academy.

The conference will provide the students with career development skills and opportunities to network with large companies.

There was also a first reading. The Student American Dental Hygienists’ Association is requesting $1,000 for 48 members to attend the Missouri Dental Hygienists Association’s annual session.

Also brought up at the meeting were two resolutions. But the resolutions won’t be voted on until next week, after Valerie German, Senate vice president, takes the rough drafts home to rewrite them. It is still unclear what the resolutions are about.

Senate also started on its campus projects this week. Carr went to Doug Carnahan, dean of students, earlier in the week and brought up the removal of the Senate suggestion box that “no one uses.”

Carnahan said Carr needed no Senate resolution to remove the box and since the Senate had brought it up and been unanimous about removing the box during its first meeting then Carnahan made the call and had it removed.

“Just the beginning of the campus beautification,” Carr said.

Senate also has another project in the works.

“The community involvement committee is in the process of making a catalog of all the local businesses and the discounts they offer for Southern students,” German said.

The next Senate meeting will be at 5:30 p.m. Oct 11 in the Billingsly Student Center.