Fuddruckers doesn’t quite make final cut

Alexandra Nicolas - Editor-in-Chief

Alexandra Nicolas – Editor-in-Chief

Alexandra Nicolas

Aside from the humor that comes from mixing-up the letters, Fuddruckers restaurant is less than amusing.

Though the food was above the average culinary experience, the environment crushed any enjoyment.

The exterior has a retro feel that didn’t prepare me for the epileptic seizure I experienced when I walked in the door.

The interior has the typical décor of old instruments, photographs and various knick-knacks all packed into a restaurant half the size. For the most part it resembles any Applebee’s or Garfield’s . . .. on crack.

The restaurants singular appeal is the broad selection.

The menu, though vastly overpriced, offers reasonably good burgers made with USDA beef, ground daily, and hand rolled buns.

In addition to burgers, the menu offers an array of specialty chicken sandwiches, hotdogs, fish and a variety of salads.

Also featured on the menu are veggie, buffalo and turkey burgers.

I am aware Fuddruckers is attempting to achieve fast-food/high-quality food fusion, but if I’m going to pay a sit-down price, I want sit-down service.

I don’t want to be herded through the cafateriaesque queue to order my meal, nor do I want a buzzer to let me know when I can go pick it up.

In a nice sit-down restaurant you pay for the service as much as the food.

If guests are going to tend to themselves, they should get to do just that. Instead, patrons have to work their way around several dozen “GSRs” or “guest service representatives.” These are nothing more than glorified waitresses/busgirls being commanded by the almighty loudspeaker.

I will admit the burger and onion rings I had were above average. Bearly.

Fuddruckers offers a full condiment and produce bar enabling one to add tomatoes, pickles, etc., at ones leisure, but I hardly think that makes them qualify for “world’s greatest hamburgers.” Worlds moderatly decent, and served in an irritating environment, mabey, but worlds greatest. No.

Though I approve of the experiment-Hardee’s meets Hard Rock Café- Fuddruckers barely makes the cut as the Abercrombie & Fitch of fast food; decent quality, but overpriced and highly overrated.