Students call the bet, raise

Students call the bet, raise

Students call the bet, raise

In the card game that is paying for an education, students ante-up in tuition and student fees.

Like any poker game, higher education doesn’t come cheaply. Before students push their chips into the pile and bet on the proposed recreation center, they need to take a hard look around the table.

There is no sign of a bluff on the administration’s part when they say students will be paying for the $13.5 million facility through fees. Students already call bets in the form parking, health center, records, equipment, books and activities fees.

During the Oct. 20 Board of Governors meeting, the Board upped the ante. Fees for the proposed center will likely be $110 to $115 for full-time students and $50 for part-time students each semester. Junior history major Tim Fisher called the facility “pricey” and has concerns that students might pay for something they won’t necessarily use.

The administration counters that by saying students asked for the recreation center and will have to pay for it.

The university is seeking outside donations for the project to reduce the students’ contribution, but the fees are likely to be close to those figures.

Dr. Terrie Agee said the Board was interested in having the University issue tax exempt auxiliary system revenue bonds to help with the construction. She said $12 million out of the $13.5 million will be the bonds.

While the University is not asking students to go “all in,” it has hardly kept the stakes penny ante.

Before we ask students to sit this one out, we would remind them of the benefits such a facility would have. Additional room for recreation, events and education are all benefits. But look into the eyes of the others in the game and ask questions.

The Chart remains guardedly confident that we will have a recreation center and that Southern will remain a good value in higher education.

Students gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, and know when to run.

And this time, students need to be running, even if it means running on a treadmill.