Campus Security Reports

Property Destruction


Spiva Library

While checking the wall outside Spiva Library adjacent to the east entrance, a DPS officer found graffiti on the northwest pillar with the lettering “Scramblers 0.” It was not known what the letters were written with, but it was brown in color.

Reckless Driving


Lot 24: Anderson Justice Center

A DPS officer noticed a vehicle doing donuts in the parking lot. When the officer arrived, the person left and went to the residence halls. The officer caught up with the person who attempted to hide in another parking lot. The officer pulled up; the person drove away. Turning the lightbar on, the person did not stop and the officer tried to use the siren, but it malfunctioned. The person headed onto Duquesne Road.

Injured Person


Spiva Library

A DPS officer was contacted in reference to an injured person at the Spiva Library. A person was found behind the circulation desk, unconscious. Staff members woke the person, but the person was unaware of the surroundings. The person’s speech was slurred and they were not completely responsive to questions. An ambulance was called, and the person was transported to St. John’s Hospital.