Greeks rush to add prospective members

Alexandra Nicolas

Slowly but surely, Missouri Southern is going Greek.

Despite ice storms delaying life on campus, the Greek organizations at Southern are still on track with a full semester of activities.

“We’ve just had to step it up,” said Dallas Major, senior graphic design major and president of Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority.

Though Southern’s reputation for Greek life is not especially strong, the brothers and sisters of Kappa Alpha, Sigma Pi, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Sigma Alpha and Zeta Tau Alpha are working to change that. Kappa Sigma is a recognized campus organization, however they are waiting to receive their charter. Representatives met with the Alumni Association to discuss their plans for this semester and establish a concept of what they deemed the “ideal Greek life” in the Alumni Association’s attempt to help Southern achieve a more “traditional campus.” The Greeks on campus are also busily planning rush week, philanthropy projects and social activities.

The brothers of Sigma Pi fraternity are approaching the end stages of planning a kick-ball tournament to raise what they hope will be several thousand dollars for the Ronald McDonald House.

“Most of the details are all ironed out, it’s just a few loose ends to tie,” said Sean Grove, senior international business major and president of Sigma Pi. Sigma Pi is also preparing for their ACE project for which they hope to earn national recognition for the third consecutive time.

In addition to multiple charity projects, campus Greeks are currently in the process of recruitment. Rush Week for selected applicants can include everything from bowling to capture the flag to formal dinners.

“We look for scholars, people who are here for the right reasons,” Grove said.

Though the Greeks do remain busy with community projects, they also maintain contact with their fellow Greeks.

The campus’ five Greek organizations are planning social mixers and, in their meeting with the Alumni Association, said they plan to work together to maintain an active Greek life.

“We want to push each other, I know in the past there have been some rivalries, but I think we’ve repaired those,” said Dylan Slagle, senior political science major and president of Kappa Alpha fraternity.

Tori Christiansen, director of student activities, also advises the campus’ Greek organizations and has high hopes for them this semester after their presentation to the Alumni Association.

“I think they had a pretty good showing there.” she said. “They’re getting out there in that limelight and trying to change that national perception of Greek life.”

Persons interested in participating in this year’s Greek events, please see Tori Christiansen in Room 225 of the Billingsly Student Center.