Massive winter storm sweeps in, Southern shuts down

This edition of The Chart is a special edition marking a historic event.

Never before has Missouri Southern closed for an entire week due to weather. As the paper of record for the University, The Chart believes a special edition is required.

“This is what we do,” said T.R. Hanrahan, publications manager. “The Chart should always address stories with immediacy and impact. This has both.

“The staff recognized the events of the past week not as an opportunity for time off, but as an opportunity to cover significant, breaking news.”

In these pages, The Chart has attempted to give its publics the story of a campus closed, but not cancelled. It seeks to portray students, faculty and staff who continue to live their lives and pursue their goals in spite of inhospitable conditions.

“Within minutes of the University’s closing for the week, editors began calling the office and brainstorming ideas,” Hanrahan said. “Our editor-in-chief, Rebecca Watts, spearheaded coverage though snowed in at her home in Carthage.

“Alexandra Nicolas and Parker Willis managed the newsroom. Rookie reporters showed initiative. It was a total team effort.”

Watts said ongoing coverage will focus on the campus stories that emerge after the thaw.

“We know there are stories out there waiting to be told,” she said. “Our readers can help us make sure that they are. This edition is designed to get that process moving forward.”

The Chart will continue to publish every Friday as usual. This Friday, we will update this ongoing story and resume our regular campus coverage. Any news stemming from the winter storm’s aftermath that affects students will be presented both in print and on the paper’s Web site.

“We want to make our online presence more significant,” Watts said. “We have to do both, and do both well.”

As always, we serve the Missouri Southern community. We also depend on our readers for input and story ideas. If you know of a story from this unprecedented event, call us. Email us. Write a letter to the editor.

Additional coverage and photos can be found on The Chart Web site at