Campus Security Reports




A student arrived at the security office regarding an incident of threats made to her. The threats were not made directly to her but forwarded to her through friends. Receiving threats such as being thrown down stairs or killed made the student feel nervous.

Suspicious Vehicle


Lot 43 Tennis Court

A white pickup was seen driving around campus at 2:20 A.M. When security looked up the tag number, the driver said “they were just driving around.” Security advised future attempts could lead to trespassing charges, and the driver apologized.

Injured Person


Southwest Gym Lot 10

A student fell on the ice in Lot 10 while walking to class. He said his wrist and right knee was in pain. Also his laptop that was in his backpack is not properly working.



Reynolds Hall

A student was transported by METs to a local hospital due to the fact that she felt faint, out of breath and sick to her stomach.

Vehicle Accident


Lot 44 Student Life Center Loading Dock

A maintenance van struck a vehicle on Julie Hughes Dr. The maintenance van received some scratches and a small dent on the rear passenger side, while the other vehicle suffered scratches, a dent along the fender, and the loss of the driver side mirror.

Towed Vehicle


Soccer Field

An abandoned vehicle was found by the soccer field. The vehicle had not been reported as stolen, and was towed off campus.

Banned Student


East Hall

A banned student was reported being seen in East Hall. JPD was contacted, and student left campus agreeing not to return. A trespassing complaint was filed with JPD.

Injured Person


Southwest Gym Lot 10

A person contacted the Public Safety Office after slipping on the ice and injuring a left shoulder while walking between two vehicles on Lot 10. The school nurse was contacted for treatment.