‘Best of Southern Art’ to preview with contest winners

Jonas Yost

Every year the graphic art department at Missouri Southern sends the publication Blixt to attract new students.

Blixt, the winner of the 2006 American Scholastic Press Design Award is the art departments main publication of student art. The title is a Swedish word, which means “in a flash.” The department chose this for their title because of how major life occurrences and events can happen “in a flash.”

Blixt, is sent to students not only in the United States, but to international areas as well. The most common International receiver is Sweden, as Southern recruits and also studies art in the country.

The publication’s content is artwork by Southern students. It also shows the students’ ability to create and the department’s ability to inspire the student artists.

The student artwork in Blixt, is decided by a contest open to all Southern students. The contest is the “Best of Southern Art,” the top three winners of the contest not only get to have their work grace the cover and first pages of Blixt, but also get the recognition of being published.

This year, the contest received more than 200 entries, which is the largest amount of entries to date.

The artwork was also very diverse. It includes sculptures, paintings, photos and graphic designs.

” All this variety makes it hard to judge”, said Dave Noblett, associate professor of art. Southern enlisted the services of Amber Mintert, art teacher at Webb City High School, and Fred Mintert, art teacher at Carthage Junior High School to do the judging for the contest. The Minterts will judge the art on the basis of craftsmanship, idea, creativity and originality.

Officially the judging hasn’t started yet. The results of the contest will be announced next week.