University’s Oxford program enters 20th year

Dr. Chad Stebbins - Director, Institute of International Studies

Dr. Chad Stebbins – Director, Institute of International Studies

Jonas Yost

It’s almost summertime, and that means students will once again be preparing to study abroad in Great Britain

The summer of 2007 marks the 20th year that Missouri Southern, in cooperation with Oxford University, has given Southern students the chance to experience college life overseas.

Students who attend this summer program will not only get the chance to study at the oldest English-speaking university in the world, but also get to witness how colleges are structured and taught in Britain.

“Unlike American Universities, in Britain participation in class is a requirement, and to pass the classes reading is a must,” said Dr. Chad Stebbins, director of the Institute of International Studies. Students will reside at Oxford’s Merton College (founded in 1264) and will attend classes from July 2-21.

Students attending the program this year have a choice of two courses, which translate to 3 credit hours at Southern. The choices this year are courses on Jane Austen and Roman Britain. The course on Jane Austen, will examine the enduring popularity of her novels as well as her technique and development. The other choice the students will have is a course on Roman Britain, which will discuss the events and cultural achievements of the Romans in Britain.

Along with the pleasure of learning while in Britain, students will have the chance to explore Oxford, and on the weekends travel to places such as London.

The program even offers a chance to travel to Stratford-upon-Avon, and witness a play at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. Students can even arrive before the program begins to see the country at their own convenience. Stebbins said “It provides a unique educational opportunity.”

The program costs $4,480 and covers lodging and meals at the college. Students are responsible for airfare and other miscellaneous expenses. Scholarships up to $2,900 are available to eligible full-time Southern students.

For more information, persons may contact Stebbins at 625-9736.