CAB going the extra mile



Last week, the Campus Activities Board recently brought The Second City Touring Company to Missouri Southern. The Second City is affiliated with “Saturday Night Live” and takes comedians, who have the potential to be on a national television programs, across the country to see audience reactions. And the CAB brought them to Southern. They found something new and entertaining, not to mention high-profile, and brought it to campus for the student body.

It’s great to see the members of the CAB push past the mediocre magicians and less-than-stimulating musicians. The CAB hasn’t had its worst year.

The crowd for the TAPS ghost hunters drained every available ounce of oxygen in Webster Hall Auditorium.

Granted, The Second City didn’t get a fire code-breaking crowd, but attendance was fair. However, as the show progressed, the audience shrank.

There were a few absent-minded grumblings as to why the final audience was a little thin: apparently the show was “offensive.” If we can’t broaden our spectrum and claw our way out of the staunchly conservative vacuum chamber in which we live, how can we ever expect major entertainment on our campus?

In the past, the CAB brought George Carlin and Paula Poundstone to Southern. It was expensive, but it was also big-time.

Despite the onslaught of profanity and what some considered odious content, attendance was strong. The CAB also plans to bring the band Cross Canadian Ragweed to campus later in the year.

Way to go, CAB.

We only hope we get to see more “name” entertainment straining the boundaries.