Campus Security Reports

Drug Law Violation


Maupin Hall

A DPS officer was contacted in reference to a student smoking pot. The officer confiscated the used pipe and informed the student of the rules on drug and alcohol on campus.



Reynolds Hall

A student notified the DPS office her plastic bag with her identification card, debit card, cell phone, student ID, insurance card and a change purse had been stolen. The student said the bag was in her duffel bag all day and suggested it was taken in Reynolds Hall. The JPD was called.



Blaine Hall

A DPS officer was called in regards to a theft. The victim was watching the basketball game in the Leggett & Platt Athletic Center. When the victim returned to his room, a desk drawer was open with $300 cash missing. The victim’s roommate was asleep with the door unlocked at the time of the theft. The JPD was called.

Fire Alarm


Taylor Performing Arts Center

A DPS officer was called in regards to a fire alarm. The panel indicated the module 25 in zone #5. The officer checked the stations and none appeared damaged. The alarm was reset.

Drug Law Violation


Dryer Hall

Two DPS officers were on patrol when they approached a vehicle that had been running for two hours in Lot 25. The officers found two students smoking marijuana, and confiscated a pipe and a blade knife. The officers then contacted the JPD and the students’ room was searched. Another pipe, a vodka bottle and two shot glasses were found. The JPD officer arrested one student for MIP of drugs and alcohol. The student was removed from campus and taken to the Joplin City Jail and the drugs were handed over to the JPD.