Campus Security Reports

Banned Person


Spiva Library

A DPS officer was dispatched in reference to a person refusing to leave the library. The person had been banned before and was using a computer on the first floor. The person agreed to leave and was informed to not trespass again.

Attempted Suicide


Apts. F (Maupin Hall)

A DPS officer was contacted by the JPD informing them an ambulance and police units were dispatched to Maupin Hall. Victim was found lying on the floor unconscious and was transported to Freeman Hospital by Metro Ambulance.



East Hall

A DPS officer was contacted in reference to a witnessed theft in East Hall. Two roommates and a visitor were awaken in the morning to a black male, 5’10, in the process of taking a laptop and box of pizza. The visitor chased the thief, but the thief laid down the laptop and threw the pizza and fled. The residence door was not locked at the time.

Safety Hazard


Lantern Dr.

A DPS officer was on patrol driving down Lantern Drive south bound when another vehicle traveling north bound, passed with no headlights on. The officer took pursuit of the vehicle when it failed to turn the headlights on. The officer sounded the siren and flashed emergency lights but the vehicle refused to pull over. The officer stopped pursuit when the vehicle passed the Fast-Trip.



Lot 11

An individual contacted the DPS office about a theft that happened Dec. 29. When he had returned to his truck an I POD, an I POD charger and a pom-pilot were missing.