Campus Security Reports


Hit & Run

Lot 38: Main lot, west

A DPS officer was notified that a vehicle had struck a student’s car damaging the rear bumper. The student also reported the incident to to JPD.


HazMat Spill

Reynolds Hall

A DPS officer was called in reference to a student who had dropped a glass container of sulfuric acid. The student received an acid burn on their hand and was taken to the school nurse. The acid was neutralized using an acid spill kit.



Apts. E (Headlee Hall)

A DPS officer was called to Headlee Hall regarding a missing laptop computer. The student did not know if the door had been secured, there was no forced entry. The student was advised to contact the JPD.


Banned Person

Spiva Library

A DPS officer was contacted regarding a banned person. The person was asked to leave and did so.


Suspicious Vehicle

Lot 23: Apts. S

A DPS officer observed a vehicle changing direction when the officer’s vehicle was approaching. The vehicle also had a burnt out licence plate light. The officer pulled over the vehicle. The driver told the officer he had dropped off a friend in the apartments, and the car belonged to another student.

The officer told the driver about the taillight and that his actions were suspicious. The driver asked the officer under what authority a DPS officer had to pull over vehicles, and the officer asked if there was anything in the vehicle the officer should know about.

The officer then asked to search the vehicle, after the driver exited the vehicle the officer searched the driver’s person. The driver told the officer he was ‘infuriated’ and wanted the officer’s name and badge number. The officer provided the information and told the driver he was free to go.