Different ID badges at easy accessibility

Ken Kennedy - Director of Public Safety

Ken Kennedy – Director of Public Safety

Ken Kennedy

Maybe you have heard rumors or maybe you noticed something in an e-mail, but the new Missouri Southern identification card early blitz is on now. You also possibly noticed the “mobile ID card station” set up at the Billingsly Student Center and wondered what was going on. Well, here is the story:

With the advent of the Banner system on campus, we are required to issue new ID cards to every student, as well as every faculty and staff member. The new system will have several advantages over the old system, one advantage being that there will be one authoritative source for all network driver activities. When someone changes a student’s classes or address in the system, the change becomes effective for the entire network.

The new ID cards will also work as “ID badges” for faculty and staff members, as well as for student workers. It can also indicate the department where they work, to make it easy to spot authorized personnel in restricted areas. Most progressive universities, schools, hospitals, etc., require the use of an ID badge to access certain areas, but this will still be optional at Southern at this time.

These “S” cards, that incorporate a computer generated number and not the social security number, mesh with the LioNet system as the only ID needed on campus. The new LioNet ID cards will have a four-year expiration date printed on the front of the card, so they will have to be replaced in some instances. As they will not be used until the fall semester, students will actually have two ID cards to manage for the summer semester. The new cards will eventually be used by the Spiva Library, the bookstore, Sodexho Campus Services, athletics and student services, as well as to identify yourself to a department of public safety officer as a student.

The design of the student card features the newly remodeled Mission Hills Mansion in a fall setting. The faculty and staff cards prominently display the most recent Missouri Southern round seal.

The mobile ID station will be set up from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Lions’ Den in the BSC the week of April 9-13. It will be at the cafeteria in the Student Life Center during the same times on the week of April 16-20. The final week we will be back at the BSC, April 23-27.

If you happen to be at one of these places, and the line is not too long, take advantage of getting your ID card early. Students may also get their new ID cards by coming to the DPS office during business hours all summer.

Please be patient with us during the transition period as we will be continuing to improve the system. The ultimate goal is to enhance services that are provided to all students, faculty and staff. According to Al Stadler (IS/Networking), “There may be small glitches in the process, but we will get there.”