University places No. 33 in diversity

Kris Kunce

Recently Missouri Southern was acknowledged in Diverse: Issues In Higher Education magazine for its position in the Top 100 Undergraduate Degree Producers for American Indians. Southern ranked 33 in the poll, up from 70 in the 2003- 2004 school year.

“I am very proud that our department has been noticed for the hard work that we accomplished,” said Dr. Glenn Coltharp, Dean of Students. “Even more of an honor when we rose higher than larger organizations. We wish to make more and more students successful and I am proud of the hard work that the faculty has done in this matter.”

Though this acknowledgement is based on the population of American Indians, the diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds of students have risen. Educators are working hard to produce successful students.

“We work hard in our courses,” said Dr. Al Cade, head of department of teacher education. “We are prepping teachers to be the best educators and to project that all students can and will learn.”

Only 3 percent of Southern’s student population is American Indian. Cade said he believes the number of American Indians attending Southern will grow over the years

“But not only American Indians,” said Cade. “Over the years I believe to see more Hispanic students excel over the minority of students.”