Campus Security Reports

8/20/ 2007Gas TheftParking LotA student reported gas from a their vehicle had been siphoned from the tank. The victim stated that upon arriving to school, the gas tank was full, but when leaving it was empty.

8/21/2007Injured PersonWebster HallIt was reported to D.P.S. that a student passed out and fell onto the floor during class. Upon gaining consciousness the student requested to be taken to the school nurse, where it was confirmed the faint was caused by Type II diabetes.

8/21/2007TheftWebster HallTwo televisions were loaned to visiting students. After the students left, the doors were found unlocked and the televisions were missing.

8/22/2007Injured PersonWebster HallA DPS officer was called in reference to a student who had vomited on the floor. The student was taken to the school nurse.

8/24/2007Car Accident Lot 16Two cars collided in the parking lot, damaging the front fender of one of the vehicles. No one was injured and police were notified.

8/25/2007Damaged CarLot 10Victim found their car with new damage to the front driver’s side door. There is no suspect.

8/25/2007Injured PersonEast HallResident student called D.P.S. after regaining consciousness from a faint. An R.A. took the student to the hospital.

8/27/2007Car accidentLot 34A vehicle backed into a second vehicle while parking, damaging both. No one was injured and police were notified.

8/27/2007TheftHeadlee HallA theft was reported involving a debit card, clothing makeup, and some cash. The bank cards were cancelled, and the Joplin police were notified.