09/21/07BurglaryEast HallStudent left room to take a shower and returning noticed that her roommate’s laptop computer and MP3 player were missing. The student reported that the door was unlocked at the time of the incident. There is no suspect information.

09/22/07Intoxicated individualHeadlee HallAt 6 a.m. a student approached a Public Safety officer and stated an individual had passed out in the hallway. The officer observed an individual who was asleep, covered with vomit and smelling strongly of intoxicants. The individual was not a student, and was instructed to leave. The reporting student stated the individual was left at the apartment after another visitor stole a small amount of money and then left.

09/23/07Liquor law violationDryer HallStudent was observed holding a liquor bottle outside of a residence hall. Public safety confiscated the bottle. The student was written up, and a room search was completed, and it was discovered that other students had been drinking. All students were written up.

09/25/07Smoke alarmBlaine HallAn alarm went off. The student in the room was contacted, and it was discovered that the student had been smoking in the room and had tampered with the smoke alarm. The student was advised that smoking was not permitted in the residence halls and that tampering with the smoke alarm was against the law.

09/25/07Automobile accidentGreen and Gold Blvd.A motorist blacked out while traveling east on Green and Gold Blvd. and struck a light pole. The driver was transported to a local hospital. A police report was filed with Joplin Police Department.

09/25/07Medical CallAnderson Justice CenterStudent experienced respiratory distress at Anderson Justice Center. An ambulance was called; student declined medical treatment and signed a waiver for declining treatment.

09/25/07Medical CallSpiva LibraryA student fell and struck their head at Spiva Library. An ambulance was called and the student was transported to a local hospital.