Resale jeans an affordable fit

For textbooks: Just the facts, maam.

For textbooks: Just the facts, ma’am.

Amber Hall

After a grueling week last week, I’ve discovered a new, therapeutic pastime over the weekend that is both strangely empowering, as well as convenient: resale jean shopping.

Now, if you are like me, shopping-for jeans in particular-is about as fun as watching MTV try to pass off The Hills as a non-scripted reality show. However, with the discovery of resale shopping, I’ve found name-brand jeans, such as American Eagle or Silver, for less than $10. Nothing is more liberating than to hold a pair of jeans that I got for more than half-off, when only a few months ago its entire $60 retail value mocked me from the store window. Ah, justice is served. Now, that extra $50 can dutifully be spent on The Office, season three DVD.

Resale shopping is also a great confidence booster. It’s from my perspective that designers are way too heavily influenced by anorexic Hollywood and obese-obsessed media reports that jeans are progressively shrinking in size. What was once considered a size six last fall, is now considered a size 10. Resale shopping is a way to cheat the system of wrongful sizing and to save yourself a trip from the therapist office when you’re too devastated to think that your waist size keeps expanding, when in reality, its just a corporate mind game.

And yes, to put it bluntly, resale jeans are technically pre-worn. But with hand-me down jeans, they are already broken in and willing to accept a new person easier. On the other hand, a person is paying $50 plus for new jeans that are unresponsive, and wasting time and effort to try to bend your jeans to your needs when it could be spent watching The Office with jeans that are more in tune with your needs.

Therefore, save your sanity. Go resale shopping.