Event’s an asset, even if it’s only for extra credit

Though it can be sorely tempting to skip the many events that go hand-in-hand with the China Semester, it may be in the best intrests of us all to find out just what extra can be gained.

With the Gockel International Symposium right around the corner, and plenty of other lectures being offered by the week, the newest University trend is professors offering extra credit to students who bring proof of their attendence.

It seems a pity that we, as students, need to be bribed just to go to an hour-long lecture.

Granted, some of them are not high on the entertainment scale, but plenty prove to be quite interesting. Even if it’s just for the extra credit, it’s a chance to get away from the routine and more enriching than spending the time on a round of Nintendo Wii.

The Gockel Symposium is Thursday, Sept. 29.

Give it a look.