Sodexho greets new director

Michael Wonderly - Executive Editor

Michael Wonderly – Executive Editor

Amye Buckley

Changes may be on the menu for Missouri Southern students. Munawar Ahmed, formerly the general manager for Sodexho services at Southern, moved to the general manager position at Pittsburg State University.

“He’ll be missed,” said Shiela Immesote, administrative assistant for Sodexho.

Immesote said Munwar was a great boss, funny and caring. His was a face readily recognized by students.

New food service director, Michael Wonderly, has been the resident dining director at Pittsburg State University for the past six and a half years. He welcomes the change and the new experience and plans to be very involved with those he serves.

“I’m very outgoing,” Wonderly said. “I want to be out and get first hand knowledge, of questions, comments and concerns.”

He likes to hear about things right away, so he can resolve them, but whether it is a concern or a compliment Wonderly says it is best to hear it firsthand.

“That’s kind of my style, right in front of people,” he said.

Comments are not hard to come by, he has heard from students about wait times, the food selection and the way it is packaged. Most of the immediate changes come on the menu.

“The only changes right off the bat,” Wonderly said. “Are changes to the retail unit, repackaging and upscaling salads, more made to order and more at the action station.”

Hot, fresh, now and on-the-go are his goals. Pasta and sauces are out and a hot-toasted sub sandwich station goes in.

Wonderly is committed to reducing line time. He is looking at the possibility of a minor staff increase during peak times and possibly some custodial staff to keep the dining area clear during rush.

“Anything that we can do to help the student get through the rush quicker, that kind of thing,” Wonderly said.