Security Reports

10-16-007ParkingUniversity ParkwayDriver was observed backing into a parked vehicle, resulting in several scratches to the vehicle that was previously parked. Both parties agreed not to pursue the issue.

TheftHughes StadiumSeveral cases of soda and a nacho machine were reported stolen from the visitor’s side concession booth at Fred Hughes Stadium. The items were last seen on Oct 11 and noticed missing on Oct 13 2007. Estimated value of the items is $430.

10-19-07MedicalLion Pride LaneA student was thrown from a moving landscaping vehicle, resulting in multiple injuries. Student was to hospital by private vehicle. Injuries sustained included a laceration to the head and a broken right hand.

10-21-07Property damageHughes StadiumA tent was blown into the west side walk-in gate at Fred Hughes Stadium resulting in damage to the gate.

10-22-07Vehicle damageLot 34A student’s vehicle was parked in lot 34 and was struck resulting in paint scrapes on the passenger side. No suspect information is available.

10-24-07MedicalGockel HallA student was reported as having a seizure near Gockel Hall. The student reported that stress and lights might have been a mitigating factor. Student was not transported to medical after it had been determined that they were stable.

10-25-07Fire alarmMcCormick HallA fire alarm was triggered at McCormick hall. It was determined that there was no reason for the alarm to be sounding. The alarm was cleared and reset.

10-28-07VandalismHeadlee HallFour students reported that two masked individuals had thrown eggs at their shared dorm room. The masked men, both students, were detained and upon arrival of security they were identified. The suspects were written up by the resident life staff for their behavior and made to clean up the eggs that were thrown.

10-29-07Auto accidentLot 26Two drivers were backing out of their respective parking spaces simultaneously and collided in the center of the driving lane in parking lot 26. Both vehicles sustained light damage.

TheftTaylor HallTwo speakers were reported missing from Room 208 of Taylor Hall. The brand name, cost and serial numbers of the missing speakers were not immediately available. The speakers were last seen on Oct 27.

10-30-07CollisionUniversity ParkwayA vehicle exiting a parking spaced entered the path of a vehicle driving eastbound on University Parkway. The driver of the vehicle leaving the parking space stated they had not seen anyone in their path and assumed it was safe to proceed.