10-31-07Domestic disputeMaupin Hall

Several roommates were involved in a disagreement at Maupin Hall. The roommates agreed that they couldn’t live together, yet none wished to move. One of the roommates agreed to leave for the night and that the group would talk about a resolution at a later time.

11-1-07TheftBlaine Hall

A student living in Blaine Hall reported that their black bi-fold wallet was missing. The student believes the wallet was taken the night before when he was not in the room. The wallet contained some cash, a bankcard and various forms of ID. No suspect information was available.

11-1-07HarassmentLot 4

A student reported that someone left a biscuit attached to the antenna on his or her vehicle. No suspect information is available and student was advised to report any future incidents to Public Safety.

11-5-07Property DamageLot 30

A student reported that their vehicle sustained a large dent while parked. The student was unsure of the exact time of the incident.

11-6-07AccidentInternational Ave.

Two vehicles collided on International Ave. Vehicle 2 was backing out of a parking space and failed to yield right of way to Vehicle 1.

There were no injuries.