Following the money

In our last edition we promised a look into how our money is being spent. Both the Student Senate and Campus Activies Board have a significant say in how student fees are distributed, and as of yet both organizations expressed an interest in students knowing where the money goes.

We agree with them.

Friday, Nov 17 The Chart hand delivered letters to both Doug Carnahan, dean of students and Tori Christiansen, director of student activities, requesting the budgetary information for the Student Senate and the CAB. The letters were written based on templates available from the Missouri attorney general’s office. The request was made persuant to the Missouri Sunshine Law. After receiving the request, the individual or group has three business days to either honor the request or offer justification as to why the request cannot be honored within the designated time slot.

Three days came and went.

Hand-delivered letters reminding recipients of the time limit went out and were promptly answered with an e-mail on behalf of both groups announcing that budgetary info should be obtained from Linda Eis.

Today we filed a Sunshine Law request with the Missouri Southern business office for the budgets and spending records of both groups. It’s our money and we, as one Student Senator said, “have a right to know where it goes.”

We made you, our readers, a promise, and we will keep it.