Interning at “The Happiest Place on Earth”


courtesy of Dylan Jones

Photo of Summer internship experience at Disney World 

by Quinten Sargent

Southern has partnered with Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida, in an internship program allowing students to intern and receive college credit while working throughout the theme park’s many attractions.

The student intern program is designed for college students or recent graduates up to six months post-graduation. Students must apply for the opportunity, and Disney makes all the final decisions in the selection process.

According to Dr. Richard Miller, Director of the James R. Spralding Center, and adviser to the Disney program at MSSU, the internship has roughly 26,000 applicants worldwide, and choose around 4,000 of those applicants to intern for the given semester.

“Disney basically runs training seminars for every one of the Fortune 500 corporations, and four our students to be selected and have that on their resume says something about the quality of the experience they’ve gone through,” says Miller.

Many students say they learn valuable business skills while interning whether it be confidence building, developing leadership skills, skills they say make them feel like they can compete with anyone in the job market.

Ally Fisher, recent MSSU graduate, and two-time Disney intern reflects on her experience as being rewarding.

“Besides getting paid, just being there and experiencing all of it. It’s one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world, so having that be on your resume makes you stand out.” Fisher goes on to say, “They [full time cast members] don’t treat you like an intern, they appreciate you, and want you there.”

The range of jobs available through the Disney internship range from working in shops, to operating rides, and even overseeing recreation facilities inside the Disney resorts.

Fisher who has attended the program twice is preparing to intern a third time, as she prepares to make the final decision in January whether she wants to apply to be a full time cast member or apply for a professional internship. Another program available to graduates that focuses on placing you in a more career driven internship role.

Being a worldwide opportunity, students gain insight on how to work with others from all different cultures and backgrounds and learn about what brought them to the program.

Dylan Jones, former MSSU Student and Disney intern, is now a full time cast member at Disney loves to hear the different prospectives of the diverse community at Disney.

“I’ve worked with people from places like China, Norway, Brazil, and France. Getting to interact with them and learn how similar and different we are has opened my eyes.”

Disney is a well-known company, with many different opportunities for students of all majors. MSSU’s partnership with Disney, not only teaches students important values for corporate business but gives you the opportunity to receive college credit while doing so.

If you’re considering applying for the internship with Disney Fisher says,

“Go ahead and do it, the worst that can happen is they say no, and I’ve actually gotten declined twice.”

If you are considering applying for the Disney Scholarship contact Dr. Richard Miller.

Office located in Hearns Hall Room 318

Email- [email protected]