Trading places

Where To Now...

“Where To Now…'”

Promising only a temporary inconvenience, construction on Missouri Southern’s campus is about to begin.

“We-Haul” may be the new mantra for anyone working in Billingsly Student Center, Kuhn Hall or the Learning Center. Some offices will be temporarily moved over the summer, some for the entire construction period.

Students who think they know their way around may be in for a nasty surprise come fall. Heading off to get books they will find a construction zone, but if they walk to the Learning Center they’ll find the bookstore. The Learning Center it will be in Kuhn. Nursing will be across the street in the basement of the Anderson Criminal Justice Center.

Timing is essential to this planned shuffle of offices, each move dependent on the remodel before.

The plan is reminiscent of certain remodeling reality shows: wait for everyone to leave – in this case for summer vacation – then move and remodel as you go. Unfortunately the “big reveal” will have to wait another year until fall 2009.

In this delicate ballet of switching places we can hope things are not lost in the shuffle, but apply Murphy’s law and somewhere in the mix it will happen. Even for departments who assume they are not effected by the move policy there will be trickle down – be glad it is temporary.

As we go through this change there will be crowded offices and moments of confusion. When we feel lost in a swirling vortex of construction we’ll just have to set our sights on the happy ending when these departments can make a final move into their finished palaces.