Seniors prepare for annual assessment Feb. 27

Amber Duncan

Next Wednesday college seniors will be able to evaluate the quality of Missouri Southern’s programs of study.

Regular classes will not be held on Feb. 27 because of Senior Assessment Day. College seniors are required by university policy to participate in a standardized test called the MAPP test, and major field tests. Major field tests are either departmentally or nationally designed.

“I think the test will be helpful because we can gauge our progress as students here at Missouri Southern,” said senior English-general writing major Sara Jimenez.

Administration and faculty can make improvements in the programs offered at Southern with the results of the tests. The test does not affect the student’s baccalaureate degree, nor do the scores go on the student’s transcript. The test scores help the Assessment Office measure the effectiveness of the degrees offered by Missouri Southern.

Night classes will have their own assessment day on Mar. 6 but will still meet on Feb. 27.

Seniors only take the assessment test once. Test scores are private and will be sent to the student at a later time.

Your major field test might not be scheduled on the same day as the MAPP test. Contact your department head if you have questions.

Participants should remember to bring their test site admission card on Senior Assessment Day.