Commencement goes Caribbean

A Missouri Southern commencement ceremony recently took place in the Caribbean.

Fourteen students from Tortola, British Virgin Islands, received bachelor of science in business administration degrees on Jan. 27, thanks to an agreement between Southern and H. Lavity Stoutt Community College.

The students received a mix of instruction from Southern professors who traveled to the island during the summer, online courses from Southern during the school year, and HLSCC faculty who were approved as adjuncts.

The program allows HLSCC students to work towards a bachelor’s degree without leaving the island. Most of the students work in financial institutions in Tortola, and a four-year degree improves their chances of promotion.

“This is a great program for MSSU,” said Dr. Nii Abrahams, department head of finance/economics. “We are very visible on the island.”

Abrahams traveled to Tortola to participate in the commencement ceremony, along with Dr. Brad Kleindl, dean of the school of business administration, and Dr. Richard McCallum, outgoing vice president for academic affairs.

“This expands our student base and allows us to integrate international students into our classes,” Kleindl said. “They bring their unique perspective into our classes.”