Rapper’s main influence is ‘The 417’

Nathan Carter

Skitzo G is one down-to-earth underground hip-hop artist in the local scene.

This dreadlocked rapper says he knows he has to work twice as hard to “make it” as a minority in the rap/ hip-hop genre, but it hasn’t fazed him at all.

“Some real studios won’t house you if you use certain subject matter,” Skitzo G said. “Some people around here just won’t do hip-hop, especially since I’m white.”

Skitzo G solved this problem by starting an underground studio in his own home.

“Everything that you achieve, you know that you did it,” Skitzo G said. “It feels good when everybody’s shut every door on you, and you just kick that door right open.”

“It’s all independent,” said his “height man,” backup vocalist, Choddyman.

Skitzo G’s lyrics sync with his personality: raw and true to form. His lyrics reveal a sense of pride in his hometown of Joplin.

“My main influence is the town,” Skitzo G says. “Everybody says that they want to get out of here, but, it’s ‘417’ all the way. Everyone of my crew have it tattooed on them.”

Skitzo G wants to expand his audience by putting together shows with the sounds of rap, rock and metal.

“Hip-hop audiences love it,” he said. “But rock audiences, they’re a little confused. They’ll turn around, or we’ll make them turn around.”

According to Choddyman, they were the only rap group at a Dec. 1 show to get applause from the rock audience. Some subject matter refers to drugs, failed suicide attempts/ thoughts and some violent content, but Skitzo G says they are all personal, and the music has helped him to get over many of his personal demons.

“Music is life. It’s like smack to a junkie,” he said.

What sets him apart is his off-the-wall subject matter.

“We’re not the same,” he said. “I don’t do that gangster-gangster or bling. I don’t care about money.”

“I want to be heard, I want to be seen. Local or national act, we put on the best show, period.”

His six-track, “Slightly Sivilized,” is available for free download at myspace.com/skitzog.