Campus Security Reports


Lot 14

Vehicle Accident

Information regarding a vehicle accident was reported to campus security. A car was backing out of a parking spot when it was struck by an on-coming car. The other person involved in the accident was not present to give any information.


Kuhn Hall


A staff member contacted campus security regarding two projectors being stolen. No evidence was recovered at the scene. One projector is valued at $1325, while the other is valued at $2065. JPD was contacted.


Plaster Hall


A professor contacted security regarding two projectors stolen from Plaster Hall. A room by room sweep was conducted and discovered two subwoofers had also been taken. Two broken Master Locks and boot prints were found at the site of the stolen projectors. The projectors are valued at $11,400. JPD was contacted.


Stone Hall

Drug Violation

A JPD officer contacted campus security regarding the smell of marijuana from one of the apartments. The JPD officer was responding to a larceny report when he noticed the smell. At the site, the officers found several empty alcohol containers along with cigar or cigarette ashes. No evidence of marijuana was located at the site.


Lot 26

Vehicle Accident

A security officer witnessed a vehicle accident. A car was backing out of a parking spot when it struck another car at a stop sign. Only one vehicle was reported to having any damage.


Leggett & Platt


Campus security was contacted by a faculty member regarding three LCD projectors being stolen. JPD was contacted and several finger prints were collected from the site. The projectors are estimated to be valued at $1800 apiece.

Editor’s Note: reports combine information from Joplin Police Department and Department of Public Safety.