Area Band changes setup, moving into new territory

Nathan Carter - Staff Writer

Nathan Carter – Staff Writer

Nathan Carter

Brothers Aaron and Nathan Rorbaugh are moving Berlin Drop into new territory.

Berlin Drop started as a four-piece rock band with the basic setup of two guitars, a bass, and a drummer. After three drummers and two bassists, they decided to become a three-piece.

“We have a vision and a goal, it is easy to establish that goal between the two of us,” said Nathan Rorbaugh, guitar and lead vocals. “It’s different whenever somebody steps into our band when we say ‘we’re moving in this direction so you have to move with us.'”

Berlin Drop draws its influence from The Beatles, Type O Negative, The White Stripes, and Pink Floyd. They have also brought pop elements into the band’s sound.

“We want to make sure the music is compact so it doesn’t become nine minutes every time,” Nathan Rorbaugh said.

Aaron Rorbaugh was rhythm guitar prior to the band becoming a three-piece band, but switched to bass.

“I really didn’t enjoy playing guitar in the band and I always wrote bass lines that the bass payer couldn’t play,” said Aaron Rorbaugh, bassist and vocalist.

Their first album, Man of a Thousand Faces, was recorded in six hours, and mixed in less than a week.

“It was good for where we were at,” Aaron Rorbaugh said. “But it doesn’t sound amazing.”

The second album, Red Metal, was recorded with Stonebridge Records. Red Metal was Berlin Drop’s final album as a four-piece band.

Now, with drummer Tyler Schweizer, the Nevada, Mo., trio is venturing into new territory. They have decided, since they cannot be classified, to call the album Black Sheep.

“Most people say we’re either too light or too heavy,” Nathan Rorbaugh said.

Berlin Drop may be contacted at, where its Black Sheep demo can be ordered and its show schedule can be found.