Campus Security Reports

2/25/08BurglaryReynolds Hall

Electronic equipment was taken from Reynolds Hall. The electronics were valued at more than $1000. JPD found the equipment and returned them to the University.

3/3/08Injured PersonTaylor Hall

A student slipped and injured a leg. The student was taken on a non-emergency basis to St. John’s Regional Medical Center.

3/4/08Hit and RunLot 21

A witness saw a dark colored truck hit two parked cars. One parked car caused damage to a neighboring vehicle from the impact of the collision. JPD was contacted to file a report.

3/6/08InformationYoung Gym

A student was having difficulty breathing. Campus security responded and contacted the JFD. The student was transported to St. John’s Regional Medical Center.

3/8/08Assault Campus Grounds

Campus security was alerted to a fight on campus grounds. A security officer responded after the confrontation had taken place, but talked to the students involved in the fight.

3/10/08InformationMayes Student Life Center

A student passed out in the dining hall. The student was diabetic and had not taken medication that day. The student refused to go to the campus nurse.

3/17/08Information Hearnes Hall

A banned student had permission to be on campus to enroll in classes. A security officer investigated a complaint that the student was harassing staff members on campus. The student left the campus.

3/25/08Vehicle AccidentJulie Hughes Drive

A car struck another while making a right turn. One car was stopped at a stoplight, but the other driver did not see the other car. Both cars received minor damages. JPD was notified of the incident.

3/26/08MedicalBlaine Hall

An ambulance was called when a student was found partially unconscious on the floor. The student became ill while the paramedics were taking the student to the ambulance. The ambulance transported the student to St. John’s Regional Medical Center. A room search was conducted, but no substances were found that would cause the student’s illness.

3/26/2008MedicalTaylor Performing Arts

An ambulance was called when a student was supposedly having a seizure. EMS personnel found that the student had had an anxiety attack and had hyperventilated. Transport to a nearby hospital was refused.