Injured student

Off Campus

A staff member filed a report that a student was injured at an off-campus event sponsored by a campus organization.



Lot 42

A wallet was stolen from a student. The student placed the wallet near a post, and noticed the wallet was gone when the student had finished running on the cross-country track.



East Hall

A student touched another student inappropriately. The student was visiting some friends in a residence hall when the incident occurred. JPD was called when the student reported the incident. The student talked to other individuals, and the other students said the same student had committed the same offense against them.


Vehicle Accident

Lot 38

A witness saw a driver strike a parked car while trying to occupy a parking space. Campus security was notified of the situation. The owner of the parked vehicle was notified of the situation when the owner returned to the car. The driver that struck the car denied hitting the parked car. Pieces of bumper found at the scene matched the color of the driver’s car.