Carnine keeps busy scheule

Nathan Carter

A singer in choir, instrumentalist in marching/concert band, and radio announcer at KXMS classical music station doesn’t have much time on his hands.

Junior David Carnine, vocal performance major, does all of these things, yet still has time to be involved in two musical projects outside of Missouri Southern.

While at school, Carnine sings in the concert and show choirs, a percussionist in the marching band, a pianist, and a bassist. The announcing job adds 12 hours a week to his load of 16 credit hours.

In his school events, he stays conservative. His attire for the band is a black suit, the choir, robes, and he is unseen as a radio announcer, but Carnine has an alter ego.

Carnine performs in TNSR as Car-9, the synthesizer player in a wacky techno/electro 80s glam band. He has also recently started a side project called Blessed Be the Martyr, a musical project completely created on his home computer.

Carnine’s father, Dr. Albert Carnine, professor of music, is in full support of his son’s musical diversity.

“The Ninth Street Rollers are an interesting group,” said Al Carnine. “They are not in a category that you can pigeonhole them in. Their sound is kind of a new sound.”

While Carnine plays classical materials at school, outside of school he plays “strange” mixtures of music. “A lot of my classes are classical in nature,” he said. “So at venues, people don’t know what I’m talking about half the time.”