Sorority makeover reaches more

Meigan Woods

This fall Missouri Southern’s female Greek system underwent a makeover, which may be the reason why the Greeks are seeing more recruits than they ever have in their history.

This year the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority has reached the Pan-Hellenic quota of 35 girls. This has never been done in the history of the MSSU ZTA chapter, which was started in 1974. “I’m excited that the numbers are getting bigger,” said Dani White, president of ZTA, “It’s more of a Greek system instead of just 100 people.”

In the past, recruitment only lasted four days, but this year it lasted for 10. “This helped us get to know the girls better,” said White. Another thing different about recruitment this year was that the two sororities did a few events together so the prospective recruits could get to meet the sororities and see which one they wanted to pledge for. After the combined events, both sororities hosted their own events.

“There was sand volleyball and movie night, they were fun,” said Molly Greer, a recruited ZTA member who “wanted something other than just classes to do.”