Duo doesn’t ‘do happy’

One Shade of Grey performs during a recent show at The Surge.

One Shade of Grey performs during a recent show at The Surge.

Nathan Carter

Many bands attempt to write the next hit song, but local acoustic duo One Shade of Grey isn’t thinking about fame and fortune.

“We’re not concerned about being the next big thing,” said Alex Martin, lead guitarist. “It would be nice of course, but we’re doing this because we like to have fun.”

They have had some recent commercial success though.

One Shade of Grey has received a sponsorship from Hero clothing line. They are also looking to Milk Tree Records for a recording contract.

“Our music is easy listening and healing,” Martin said. “We’re an acoustic band. We play music to fit every kind of mood.”

Martin and Asia Kitrell, vocalist and guitarist, consider their music to be sad, though they say they are happy with life.

“Even if it sounds sad,” Kitrell said, “you can tell the difference between when we’re playing our music and when we’re talking. It’s just our way of dealing with things.”

The band has attempted to write happier songs in the past, but has not succeeded: the last attempt became “Let it Rain,” one of the bands “most depressing” songs.

“We don’t do happy,” Martin said.

Recently, their violin player, Christina Nassif, left the band to move to Kansas City, and earlier this year they parted ways with keyboard player Mikey Porter.

“Since Christina quit it’s been hard to play songs,” Kittrell said. “She’s still in the band and plays when she can though.

“My roommate at Pittsburg State University plays viola and piano, so we should have a new member soon.”

Their views on their ex-keyboard player are less positive.

“Porter was an attempt at a keyboard player that fell through the floor horribly,” Martin said. “He never took it serious enough.”

Kitrell said Porter never put in the time to learn the music, which can be catastrophic for a band trying to get a recording contract.

“He’d just dick around,” Martin said. “But he’s gone so we’re moving on.”

One Shade of Grey has performed with national artist Echo Valve, a personal high for the band.

The bands next performance will be with Jah Roots at 7 p.m. Sept. 27 at the Kitchen Pass.

Other dates and new tracks will be posted on the bands Web site myspace.com/oneshadeofgrey.